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What is playback theater?

Playback theater is a form of theatrical art in which actors improvise stories, revealing emotions and experiences through movement, language and music, creating unique moments of emotional connection. This art promotes deep listening, empathy and understanding, allowing us to discover new ways of communication and creativity.

Playback theater is a universal theatrical process that finds its application both in independent creativity and for rehabilitation, adaptation, integration, dialogue practices, work with business, solving social conflicts, etc.


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Training coordinator:

Polina Novikova




Coordinator of partnerships

Kandibur Roman



International cooperation and study abroad:

Coordinator of partnerships

Kalashnikova Olena

Електронна пошта: kalashnikova_lena@playback.org.ua


Social projects and scientific cooperation:

Nata Vainilovich



General questions:

Contacts of the head office: st. Andria Fabra 4, Dnipro, Ukraine 49000

Contacts of the Kyiv office: 29 Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard, Kyiv, 02000

Contacts of the Odesa office: Zhukovs'koho St 15, Odesa, 65026

Contacts of the Lithuanian office: P. Žadeikos g. 13-17, Vilniaus m., Lietuva. @ +37066311504

We invite you to contact us with any questions regarding training, partnership or other information. We are always ready to share our knowledge and cooperate with you in the development of playback theater. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the best experience of communicating with us.

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